What Is It Used For?

It is normal for everyone to wonder what Isotretinoin is. The answer of this question is complex and you have to know several things related with Isotretinoin.

First of all Isotretinoin is used for the treatment of several skin conditions, including cystic acne.

Because of this fact, a lot of doctors are prescribing Accutane (Isotretinoin) to the teenagers.

Besides this, Isotretinoin is used on women, who are having skin rush before or after the monthlies.

You have to know that Isotretinoin is prescribed after physical examination by dermatologist, because there are a lot of types of skin rushes, which is make them difficult to distinguish.

Other Indications Of Isotretinoin: However, Isotretinoin is not used only for the treatment of skin conditions.

According to the latest studies Isotretinoin is very effective in the chemotherapy.

Today almost all of the oncologists are using Isotretinoin for the treatment of brain cancer, pancreatic cancer and other types of life-threatening neoplasms.

How Does It Work: It is normal for everyone to wonder why Generic Accutane is so effective.

The effectiveness of Isotretinoin is hidden in the fact that t is deriving from vitamin A.

You have to know that all the vitamins have the ability to enter in every living cell.

The destruction of the cancer cells is achieved, because of the ability of Isotretinoin to accumulate inside the cell.

When the Isotretinoin has already accumulated, it is damaging the metabolism of the cancer cell, which leads to the death of the cancer cell.

However, you don’t have to worry about the normal cells, of your organism, because it is scientifically proved that the cancer cells have rapid metabolism.

Because of this rapid metabolism, they extracts almost all of the needed substances from the blood. That is the reason why the cancer cells extracts almost all of the Isotretinoin.

The situation is quite similar regarding the skin usage of this drug. You have to know that generally the rush on the skin is caused by inflamed cells.

This inflammation is caused by bacteria, or fungi. Important fact in this situation is that, bacteria and fungi are requiring a lot of substances for their growth.

Some of these substances are vitamins or vitamin like molecules. As it was mentioned above Isotretinoin is vitamin like molecule, which explains why it accumulated in the bacterial cell.

Even in this situation, the accumulation of Isotretinoin leads to the destruction of the bacteria and stop of the inflammatory process, characterized by rush.

Something which is not quite good Generic Isotretinoin is that it has side effects, as any other drug on the market.

Some of the side effects of Isotretinoin are:

  • headaches,
  • pain in the joints or in the muscles,
  • erectile dysfunction (when this drug is used on men),
  • dry skin,
  • diarrhea,
  • reduced vision during the night.

However, in purpose to know all Isotretinoin side effects, you have to read them all. Remember, that they are mentioned in the brochure of the drug, which is inside the box.

Pay attention to the fact that these side effects are appearing, when the dosage of Isotretinoin is higher than the recommended one.

In purpose to avoid the side effects development, you have to know that the Isotretinoin dose is between 120-150mg/kg body weight.

Try not to exceed the maximum dose of 150mg, because some of the side effects go to appear.

Besides this, some of the side effects are appearing, during the first days of the treatment with Isotretinoin.

These side effects are appearing because the organism try to get used with the presence of Isotretinoin.