Treatment with Accutane

Accutane is prescribed by dermatologists to patients that are suffering from severe acne when alternative treatments such as topical ointments containing benzoyl peroxide fail to provide relief from the discomfort or an improvement in the clarity of the skin.

Accutane works by decreasing the production of oils in the skin and reducing the size of the glands that produce these oils.

The method by which the DNA replicates itself is altered causing the size of the oil producing glands as well as the pores to decrease resulting in lowered skin oil levels.

The smaller size also makes it much less likely that pores will get clogged with a resultant blackhead forming. This make Accutane extremely effective in treating severe cases of acne.

The high level of success experienced by those who have gone through a course of treatment with Accutane is highly encouraging to others that are looking for a way to end the physical and emotional discomfort that can accompany nodular acne.

The dosage for Accutane is normally based on the weight of the patient so it is available in many different sizes of tablets to meet the needs of each individual.

A normal course of treatment with Accutane can take four to six months with it being usual for it to take two to three months before any noticeable improvements to the condition of the skin.

This long length of treatment and period of time spent waiting for results is tempered by the high rate of success and the fact that in most cases the good results are permanent and the acne never returns.

In the few cases when one course of treatment is not enough, a second course of Accutane may be started after a brief period and it is rare for even the most stubborn of cases to resist this second course.