The correct use of Accutane

When it comes to the use of any medication, you should be careful and only use one if you know for sure that this is something you really now.

Such confidence you can get after visiting you healthcare provider. Accutane is a medication that may be harmful if used incorrectly.

So, let’s figure out when this medication may be used and what health problems it can treat.

Everybody known how acne look like. Each of us probably has had this problem in young years. Over time, this problem may disappear and you do not have to think of this anymore.

Unfortunately, this problem may remain for a longer time and anyway if you are a teen and have acne, you may survive, but if you have severe acne, it may be really life-upsetting.

First of all you should know that Accutane treatment is considered very effective, but yet it is not the safest treatment as the risk to have different side effects is quite high.

That is why this medication is only recommended to the use in case if other methods of treatment appeared ineffective.

You should not purchase and use this medication unless this is confirmed by your healthcare provider.

Your healthcare provider, in order to reduce the possible negative consequences, will ask you a range of questions regarding your health status and you may need to perform certain tests to use this medication safely.

What Accutane does

So, how really Accutane can help you out? According FDA, there are four main “powers” of this medication to fight severe acne problems.

Thus, this medication is able to reduce clogged follicles, decrease sebum (oil) production, prevent inflammation, and decrease the colonization of bacteria causing acne.

According to the solid and reputable sources, including the American Academy of Dermatology, Accutane is the most effective medication used for the treatment of severe acne.

Severe acne should be treated as it is not only about temporary inconveniences and damaging of natural beauty of skin, but this problem may remain it signs for many years in the form of disfiguration and deep scarring.

The medication is so effective that for most of patients it is just enough to use this medication for one circle of treatment that is about 16-20 weeks.

What are the possible negative consequences after the use of Accutane?

As you known already, Accutane, being an effective medication, may bring lots of worries and problems if used incorrectly and if for some reasons this medication is not suitable for a patient.

The patent for production of this medication belonged to Roche Holding AG until 2002.

It appeared that this company faced lots of lawsuits due to occurred bowel disease in patients who had used this medication (it is strongly recommended to use this medication with a full glass of water to reduce the risk of stomach damage).

The production of this medication was continued but it is now prescribed by dermatologists much more carefully and thoughtfully.

When you start the use of this medication, it is possible that you face this problem in more severe form.

It is only temporary and you just need to wait for several weeks for this problem to start getting less severe.

Also, as any other medication, Accutane may cause different side effects. This medication is strictly forbidden from the use by pregnant women.

If you use this medication, you may also experience dry eyes and skin. Among other possible side effects are

  • temporary joint pain,
  • thinning of the hair,
  • nausea/upset stomach,
  • and others.

If you have some side effects, you should advice with your healthcare provider to know for sure that you will be using this medication safely.