Acne treatment

Acne treatment

Acne is the most common skin disease in teenagers and young people. From 60 to 90% of teenagers have acne of the various severity level. 25% of them suffer from severe forms of acne.

Usually, after adolescent period acne pass but some people have Acne till 30-40 years old.

It is caused by not only the tendency to the skin diseases but also different factors such as hormones, skin care, quality of the skin care products, quality of meals, and healthy life style.

Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of the oil glands appeared as a result of its blocking and the increased production of sebum.

It may be in the form of the blackheads (open comedone), that is wide and clogged skin pores.

Whiteheads (closed comedone) are clogged pores with small hole. They are hardly removed without the medical aid.

Pustule white or yellow pimples appear when bacteria are actively developed inside comedone, and it causes the inflammation and formation of purulence.

Every type of acne has its peculiarities, and it is sometimes difficult to get rid of them without the professional aid.

In most cases, people think of the Acne treatment inly during the severe forms of the disease when the skin disease causes discomfort and self-distrust.

Often, acne appears on the open parts of the skin: neck, face, and that is why these areas are hardly concealed.

Acne is considered a cosmetic disease, and therefore many people start the treatment from the use of the different cosmetic procedures: masks, lotion, cream, pilling, scrub, etc.

The cosmetic products are good for the prophylaxis of acne, but if the patient already has the problems with the skin and some comedones, one cannot do without the medical products.

Depending on the type and severity level of acne doctors prescribe antibiotics which sterilize the skin, remove microorganisms, which cause the inflammatory processes in comedone.

Then, it is possible to open comedone and mechanically remove sebum accumulated in this area.

But it is not a solution of the problem, and as soon as the oil gland starts producing fat, pores will be clogged again, and the patient will experience the problems with the skin, a lot of acne, and self-distrust.

Pharmaceutical treatment of acne

The advanced medicine forges ahead and constantly thinks of the ways to cope with acne.

There is a category of the drugs which are rarely used but in the severest cases. These drugs include the analog of A vitamin, Accutane drug.

Accutane is a synthetic analogue of A vitamin which plays a great role in the quality of our skin.

Due to its molecular formula Accutane helps to reduce the quantity of acne and pimples and stops the processes which cause new pimples.